Add a Dash of Shine to Your Floors

Add a Dash of Shine to Your Floors

Get a garage floor coating for your home in Cincinnati, OH

Rough tires, oil leaks and heavy-duty equipment ruin your garage floors. Protect them from excessive use with a garage floor coating. Hardshell Garage Flooring, LLC specializes in epoxy floor coatings for garage floors. We'll develop a custom formula that fits the style and size of your garage.

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Discover the benefits of polyaspartic resin

In addition to garage floor coatings, we'll also coat your kitchen, bathroom and living room floors. Because we value quality, we use polyaspartic resin. This is our preferred choice because it's:

  • Less likely to yellow over time
  • Long-lasting and easy to maintain
  • Able to maintain its shape in high-traffic areas

We also use this product to complete your waterproof basement flooring service.

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